So What Exactly Do You Believe

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Well… seems I get asked this question rather directly or indirectly so here just a few overarching positions that I would probably take.

1. From a Biblical Systems perspective I would be labeled New Covenant

2. From an Ecclesiological perspective I would be labeled simple/participatory

3. From a Polity perspective I would be Elder Led (not ruled as Christ rules) and the plurality (fully plural as in leadership and multiple elders as soon as possible)

4. My position on women in the body would be Egalitarian (and at home for that matter)

5. My eschatological position would most likely be Amillennialism

6. My Soteriological would be that of a 5 Point Calvinist

7. Baptism would be full immersion 

8. I would hold to Continuationism (as the bible does also) as it relates to the work of the Spirit today.

9. I would fully embrace the First Council of Constantinople (381) (depending on the last few sentences)

10. Finally I would probably hold on to the imputated righteousness of Christ, but am currently working through that issues. To explore a little more, we are saved by grace through faith in the Finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. That God placed our sin upon Him and crushed Him and this crushing satisfied God’s wrath to all who place their faith solely in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection consequently embracing our inability to earn (in any way) God’s love and forgiveness by any of our own works.

I think that would be it….any thoughts? 


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